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Starting and running a business is hard. Starting and running a values-based business is even harder.

Doing so requires making decisions that put people before profits. That honor individuals as humans. That sacrifice short-term wins for long-term, sustainable growth.  

I’m Andi Graham, the CEO, and founder of a digital marketing agency called Big Sea.

I meet entrepreneurs all the time who are really good at talking the talk, but when the rubber meets the road, they cave. Their values are just a mural on a wall or a page on their website, and the decisions they make defy them in every way.  

Then, there are those of whom I stand in awe. Those with the murals and web pages who also walk the walk. Whose business practices and decisions align with the things they profess to hold dear. 

Walk the Walk is about those people. It is a podcast for entrepreneurs who make tough choices in the name of integrity every day, even when it’s hard.

Nov 2, 2023

This week, Andi and Jon speak with Jake Sorofman about how customer experience aligns throughout the entire company - from employee experience to sales through delivery.

Jake Sorofman is Chief Marketing Officer of Visier. Previously, Jake was president of MetaCX, an early stage SaaS company transforming CRM and customer...

Oct 3, 2023

Bret Starr joins us this week in a fascinating talk about how and why marketing needs to change - and how better customer experience across the board is the answer.

Grab Bret's book on Amazon: A Humble Guide To Fixing Everything In Brand, Marketing, And Sales

Bret is founder and CEO of The Starr Conspiracy, an...

Sep 26, 2023

This week, UX researcher Matthew Oliphant joins Jon and Andi to talk about how better understanding can lead to better UX.

Matthew is the Head of Design and Research at Studio VO. He is an experienced design and research leader who has improved dozens of products and services in multiple industries, such as Healthcare,...

Jun 14, 2023

Welcome back to season 2 of Walk the Walk: where we continue to talk to leaders running values-based businesses.  Season 2 will feature a new cohost, Jon Jones, CEO of Anthroware, and focus on the role of CX in aligning with your values - both internally and externally. 

Every interaction with a brand is an opportunity...

Sep 8, 2020

The thing most innovative companies have in common is a deep understanding of their customer's needs. Michelle Royal knows; she's been helping companies unleash their innovative potential for nearly 20 years through her consultancy, Royal Innovation Design Group (RIDG).

In this episode, Michelle and Andi talk about how...